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Central Oregon - Bend, Oregon - KBDN

July 2008

Oregon is a beautiful state. From its rugged coastline to tree covered mountains and valleys to its high desert, Oregon has a little bit for everyone.

Map location of Bend Oregon - Central Oregon Central Oregon seems to have a mix of all of this in one place (except for the coastline, of course).

Bend is the biggest (and main) city in Central Oregon. Bend originally was a timber town. Like many cities and towns in Oregon, timber was a huge industry, if not the only one. As the timber industry began to wane, many towns had to reinvent themselves or die off. Bend has managed to become somewhat of an outdoor mecca and popular destination city. From skiing and snowmobiling in the winter to mountain biking, hiking and rafting and golf in the summer, there seems to be no end of things to keep a person occupied.

The old downtown area of Bend (originally built in the early 1900s) has revitalized itself to become a hub of activity. It's filled with quaint restaurants and unique shops.

Drake Park sits next to the downtown shops and has countless activities throughout the year. The Deschutes River flows through the middle of the park and makes it an ideal setting for summer activities such as music concerts, classic car shows, farmers markets and more.

Looking west from Pilot Butte
Looking west over Bend from Pilot Butte

Bend sits in the middle of a geographic land change. The west side of Bend is filled with tall Ponderosa Pines and becomes more mountainous as you head west until you meet the Cascade Mountains. One of the mountains that makes up the Cascades is Mount Bachelor, which is the main ski resort in town. Mt. Bachelor can be seen in the photo above as the left-most snowy peak.

Crater Lake in Central Oregon
Crater Lake
Heading east of Bend brings the desert. Vegetation becomes more sparse and junipers and sagebrush seem to be the most common type of covering.

Tumalo Falls in Bend Oregon
Tumalo Falls

As mentioned, Bend has plenty of outdoor activities. However, if sightseeing is more your style, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see. Just outside of town are the Tumalo Falls. These are a series of waterfalls that cascade down the mountains. There is a trail that is easily accessible that you can hike that closely parallels the falls and provides plenty of photo opportunities. Interestingly enough, Bend derives its city water from the Tumalo Falls.

A description of Central Oregon wouldn't be complete without mentioning Crater Lake, which is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The lake partly fills a nearly 4,000 foot deep caldera that was formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. Its deepest point has been measured at 1,949 feet. This makes Crater Lake the deepest lake in the United States.

In the winter, the road to Mt. Bachelor (Century Drive) is closed beyond the ski resort. However, in the summer
Devil's Lake in Oregon
Devil's Lake
when the snow melts, the road is reopened and provides breathtaking scenery. Beyond Mt. Bachelor Century Dr is also known as Cascade Lakes Hwy. As you may have guessed, this road winds through the Cascade Mountains with lakes visible around almost every curve. You may also see the results of past volcanic activity in the form of lava fields and flows that can be seen on the sides of the road.

KBDN - Bend Oregon airport
Bend Airport
To reach Bend, you will most likely want to fly into the Bend airport (KBDN). It's a small airport bustling with activity. In fact, the runway is currently being moved to provide more separation between the runway and taxiway. The current runway is a mostly north-south direction and is 5200 x 75 ft and can be found on the Klamath Falls sectional.

Located on the field is the Cessna factory where the previously named Columbia 350 and 400 are manufactured. Also on the field are Epic Aircraft (think Epic LT) as well as Precise Flight (speed brakes, lighting and oxygen) and other aviation related companies.

Currently the airport is uncontrolled, but a tower has been requested and probably would be helpful considering the popularity of Bend as a destination in addition to the airplane factories on the field.

sectional of KBDN
KBDN on Klamath Falls Sectional

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